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Last News Update - September 28, 2013

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Sony Remasters 2013

Finally, some news about remasters personally completed by Vangelis himself! On November 25, 2013, Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red Records will release six CD titles: Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0.39, Sprial, Beaubourg (YEAH!), Direct and Page of Life. Each will be housed in deluxe digi-pack editions, and there are bonus tracks: on Spiral ("To the Unknown Man Part II", available for the first time on CD) and Page of Life ("Sing with Your Eyes", previously only found on the scarce "Wisdom Chain" CD single). Support these releases! They are already appearing for pre-order on most major retail websites.

La Fete Sauvage



The work continues on the release of the Frederic Rossif film La Fete Sauvage on Blu-ray and DVD! It is no longer a question of "if", only "when"! Based on a recent posting on the Facebook page set up by Editions Zoroastre, pre-order information is coming soon. Please keep checking Facebook for updates:


If we do not support these efforts, we have no hope of seeing future Rossif titles on blu-ray/DVD!!!!! Please, as soon as pre-order information is available, ORDER A COPY!!!


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